Terrible Fortune in Poker

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For a game where the majority of gamblers occasionally consider fortune, there are tons of superstitions in poker. When you mention that someone was lucky in that poker tournament they won, be careful of how you say it. For example, if you say that you were unlucky, your luck may never change.

Ok, that might sound a bit ubsurd, but poker is a casino game loaded with superstitions. Did you realize that if you’re gambling a game with two different decks and you’re asked to pick the deck, you should always pick the deck that’s furthest from you? Or, what If you have a streak of bad cards, you have to settle on a hankerchief to destroy your poor luck? It is actually considered good fortune to blow through a deck of cards when they are being shuffled.

Some other interesting poker superstitions are:

  • You can alter the run of cards by going around your chair three times.
  • The most beneficial chair at the poker table looks at the door.
  • The unluckiest position has its rear to a fireplace.
  • When changing seats, you need to always do so following the clock.
  • The worst poker card is the four of clubs.
  • It’s most unlucky to cross your legs when sitting at the poker table.
  • Sun is a bad day for wagering on cards.
  • The thirteenth is also a bad day, regardless of when it falls during the week.

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